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The front of this truck illustrates the linear theme of the truck's design; the most distinct feature of the front face is the large, chrome-edged rectangular grille.

The truck features industrial-style wheels, wrapped in medium profile tires.

The rear of the truck completes the linear theme; having an entirely rectangular rear face.

Like the F250, the side windows of the truck feature a step near the A-pillar.

In the small stepped area, wing mirrors are mounted on a polymer insert.

In between the main body line and elevated lower body area, the rear light units are placed.

The rear light units are rectangular and placed on the corners of the body, they appear to be split into four sections.

As indicated by badges, the truck is four-wheel drive and is powered by a 5.4L V8.

The Sadler spawns in different forms: The various body modifications/accessories are not available to be added or removed from the truck in Los Santos Customs and when ordering from the website, the player is not able to select which variant will be delivered.

Behind the cabin area, a roll bar may be fitted to the load bed.

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