Rabbi zecharia wallerstein dating and marriage

Dubbed a "holistic doctor" thanks to his multifaceted approach to growth, struggle and spiritual healing, on a typical day he can be found in schools, shuls, community centers and even mental institutions worldwide, lighting up lives-one neshamah at a time.Rabbi Wallerstein and his wife Estee, who is a partner in all his endeavors, reside in Brooklyn, NY surrounded by their daughters and grandchildren. Yanky Elefant is the Executive Director of Ohr Naava.

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Esther (Esti) Zicherman, Chief Operating Officer, started her career as a teacher then assistant principal at Be'er Hagolah High School & Manhattan High School for Girls.

Fusing her degrees in Business Marketing & Management and in School Administration & Supervision, Esti's favorite focus is on worldwide initiatives and events that highlight education.

Day to Disconnect, Hakaras Hatov Let There Be Rain, Sefer Hazichronos, The Book of Remembrances are a few of Esti's recent contributions to Ohr Naava.

Esther Zicherman is currently collaborating with Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein, Yoshi Wolhendler and Yanky Elefant on opening the Ranch at Bethel, a residential treatment center for adolescent girls. Jackie (Tzipporah) Bitton began her kiruv work, together with her husband, on the west coast and now resides with her husband and children in Brooklyn, NY.

She welcomes the opportunity to help Ohr Naava continue and expand its innovative and vital programming to help Klal Yisrael.

Rachelle resides in Maryland with her husband and children.

Shortly thereafter, Pam became frum and rooted and raised her family in Monsey, NY.

In 2006 she helped initiate Binah magazine and served as Executive Editor for 7 years.

Daphne is also the co-founder and Program Director at Ohr Naava. Sharona Ben Haim is the Director of Operations at Ohr Naava.

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