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Mulder was determined to learn the reason for their deaths.

Marita finally unchained her door and allowed Mulder into her apartment.

(TXF: "The Truth") On November 25, 1996, Mulder consulted the FBI database to learn the location of Marita's apartment on the upper West Side of New York City. When Mulder replied, Marita opened her door slightly but a chain still barred the entrance.

When she asked him why he had come to her home, Mulder made it clear that he needed her help.

He eventually made his identity known to her and apologized for scaring her.

He then told her about a case he was working on involving the disappearance of four men in Philadelphia.

Mulder sent a file to the Special Representative about a farmland in Canada where he had found several identical girls that looked like his sister, Samantha, who had disappeared in 1973.

The file also described the presence of bees and unidentified crops on the farm.

(TXF: "The Truth") She provided top secret information to FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder, assisting him while he investigated the X-files.

(TXF: "Herrenvolk") She actually worked with the Cigarette Smoking Man, but eventually betrayed him.

She seemed concerned and apologized to Mulder that the investigation had not uncovered the answers he had hoped for.

When she asked why the matter was so important to him, Mulder awkwardly replied that he had "recently" suffered some very personal losses and had come to the Special Representative's office in hope.

She handed Mulder the file that he had sent to the Special Representative and stated, "not everything dies".

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