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Let he who has not banged some milf and regretted cast the first stone.

The more annoying thing with dating apps and milfs is that these last chance, late night lays might turn into actually having to pretend to be looking for more than a bang online with an old woman, which is an abominiation. And for the most part, the majority of messages these women get are not sent by successful, attractive men.

Men have less and less incentive to settle down, be productive, responsible, etc.

Less obvious but equally important is that men also have more to do these things since it's that much easier for your woman to cheat, humiliate, cuck you, etc.

Not only would I not want to go out with any of them, but it would make me start to question how good my own SMV really was since these porkers and grandmas saw me on their (very low) level. A man that will put them in line when their hormonal spikes cause them to act like little bitches.

Sadly this subconscious drive is at odds with their conscious want of fawning attention.

The wall for sexual attention and getting sex, around mid 30s - mid 40s; it depends on how well she ages and if she is able to maintain her looks.

Observe the comments in this thread: https:// The women in their early 30s that responded are clearly concerned about not being able to get married and have children.

She was overwhelmed, just couldn't believe the number of responses.

She also joined Tinder, again, tons of responses, went out on a couple of dates, met guys that range from serial text messengers to fools proclaiming their undying love for her.

Same goes for a 47 year old, let's say for the sake of argument that she's a 7 (relative to her age).

Back in the day she'd be lucky to meet a man 45-60 who was available, interested, and attractive.

Now she can put herself out there for the whole world.

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