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The captain commands the sub to dive much deeper to avoid a surface storm ahead.

At this point the submarine travels through a waterfall and enters the hidden ride building, where guests find themselves apparently moving through underwater caverns.

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However, when the film under-performed at the box office, plans for an Atlantis re-theming were shelved.

The next year, an attempt was made to re-theme the attraction based on Disney's animated film Treasure Planet, but it too under-performed.

As the journey continues, guests see a giant sea bass swimming through a seaweed forest.

The submarines then enter the ruins of an ancient civilization, which are being explored by the dentist scuba diver P. Among the ruins lies a gigantic tiki head, embedded in the ocean floor.

The captain announces that, due to advancements in marine technology, they can use "sonar hydrophones" (an homage to the original attraction), to hear the fish talk.

The sub passes through a dark cavern where huge eels lunge toward the submarine, and lobsters can be seen as well.

The subs then enter a coral reef with many bright reflective colors.

Giant clams slowly open and close as the submarines pass.

(Anchor, a hammerhead shark is not included in the ride.) The submarine "hits" a mine, causing the mine to explode, resulting in the sub shaking and temporarily losing power.

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