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So - you may have violated the ethics of your area of medicine, but I'm guessing that you and your wife distinguished right from the start between "real love" and "sexual attraction." You have 8 years of evidence that you got it right!For you as individuals the professional ethics precept would have been a bad guide.

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In 2013-14 the General Medical Council (GMC) investigated 93 complaints against 90 doctors who were alleged to have had an inappropriate relationship or made inappropriate advances towards a patient.

The figures, which BMJ Careers obtained through a freedom of information request to the GMC, showed that the majority (91%) of these complaints concerned male doctors.

In my own specialty - psychiatry - the code asserts that sex with current or former patients is unethical.

So if you're a psychiatrist, the code answers your question - you did breach the ethics of the specialty....

Assuming the former intern has practiced in exemplary fashion for 8 years, that would exceed what a probationary period would entail.

As a member of the specialty society it's important for him to understand and support the ethical precepts of the society.

There are only 4 women that a newly qualified overworked doctor intern is exposed to: a fellow doctor (usually out of reach), a nurse (may lead accusation of sexual harassment) a bar waitress (usually not of the best social character) and the patient.

I chose the latter and am happily married to her for 8 years. Can a distinction be made between sexual attraction and real love? I don't know what area of medicine you're in, and what its code of ethics states.

The former intern's happy marriage isn't evidence against the standard.

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