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Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII) prohibits discrimination based on race, color, sex, religion, or national origin, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability.[1] Because these federal EEO laws do not prohibit discrimination against applicants or employees who experience domestic or dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking as such,[2] potential employment discrimination and retaliation against these individuals may be overlooked.

The examples provided in this publication illustrate how Title VII and the ADA may apply to employment situations involving applicants and employees who experience domestic or dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking.

There are many unique resources in our collection of published government information and data, including the U. Census, a large number of international statistical publications, the laws of the United States, Washington State and the City of Seattle, printed and electronic finding aids, major indexes, and more.

Articles in this issue will describe the nature of cometary inorganic phases, volatiles, notable water, and organics.

As will be shown in this issue, the relationships between the organics and the volatile inventories of terrestrial planets are critical.

The technique is inherently holistic, drawing upon understanding from disciplines such as physics (quantum mechanics), mineralogy (grain structure and composition), geochemistry (natural radioactivity), archaeology and Earth sciences.

This issue brings together contributions on new and innovative luminescence dating methods and the latest findings related to Earth-surface processes and human existence. Excalibur Mineral Corporation Gemological Institute of America International Centre for Diffraction Data International Mineralogical Association Isotop X PANalytical Proto XRD RFG2018 Conference Savillex GUEST EDITORS: Michael E.

However, whether discrimination has actually occurred in a particular instance must be determined through an investigation of the facts alleged.

Information on how to file an employment discrimination claim may be found at the end of this document.Luminescence dating provides an age estimate for sediment deposition and can provide dates to calculate rates and recurrence intervals of natural hazards and Earth-surface processes.This method has produced robust age estimates from a wide range of terrestrial, marine, tectonic, and archaeological settings.Luminescence dating is a geochronological tool used to determine the timing of sediment burial, pottery firing, mountain evolution, mineral formation and the exertion of pressure.The luminescence dating technique covers a large age range from modern-day to millions of years.In this article, we use examples of luminescence thermochronometry applied to the Himalaya mountains, the New Zealand Alps and the Japanese Alps to infer (and link together) wider aspects of regional erosion, climate and tectonic activity. Luminescence is exhibited by many common minerals, some of which have been exploited for dating.

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