Cute things to do for a guy your dating

So go have yourself a moment and spend the day ice-skating with your BF—don’t forget the cocoa!

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Strawberry bellinis, chicken parmesan, spaghetti and chocolate mousse—nothing will make your man swoon more quickly than a delicious Valentine’s meal.

If you're feeling ambitious and extra sweet, cooking dinner for your boyfriend is the way to go.

Meet your boyfriend for a day date in skinny jeans and a pink top or sport a red mini dress for your night together.

For after hours, try Victoria’s Secret's Valentines-themed lingerie.

If you want all of his friends to be saying, “You seriously have the best girlfriend ever,” tickets to his favorite sporting event are the way to go.

Not only will you make his night and show that you’re into his interests, but you’ll also get to share something special to him together, and what’s better than that?

What are the most unique and romantic ways to celebrate? How can you spice up the day without stressing out? We know, we know—we’re all tired of freezing every time we step outside and slipping on ice when we walk to class.

But few things are as romantic as playing in the snow with your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.

Unless you’re Posh and Becks, the service is bound to be terrible, the menu limited and the prices steep.

Instead, try ordering in from a favorite restaurant and eating the meal in bed.

If you're anything like me, not nearly often enough.

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