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So if you're in the middle of composing a calendar invitation for a lunch meeting and want to search the web to find a cool spot nearby, just enter your query in the search box and select Search to open a new tab in your browser with your search results.

Composing an email should be both personal and productive.

For example, say that you are trying to find an email about a meeting.

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Easily attach photos or documents from your computer by clicking the paperclip icon, or from your Flickr or Dropbox by clicking the drop-down menu.

You can also drag and drop files from your computer into the Compose area and see them attach in no time.

Your Inbox, Contacts, Calendar, Notepad and Messenger are grouped together in the top left-hand corner, meaning you can switch between tasks in a single click.

If you get a new instant message while reading an email, just click the messenger icon to open a floating window that won't cause you to lose your work. File away important messages or keep track of emails that you need quick access to.

As you type a name on the To, Cc or Bcc line, Yahoo7 Mail will recommend a list of the most relevant people and contacts for you to choose from.

After you select the first person, Yahoo7 Mail will suggest other people who you tend to email with that person, making it faster to email groups together. With 1 TB of free email space, you never have to worry about sending or receiving large files in your inbox and running out of space.

Plain blue links aren't so exciting on their own, but they often lead to the most interesting content in an email.

Yahoo7 Mail offers a preview of that link, whether it's a photo, video or article, directly in your inbox.

You'll see a list of results with all emails with that keyword mentioned.

Our dual purpose search allows you to search your mail or search the web in a single click.

With Yahoo7 Mail, our Compose lets you create and enhance your message with beautiful link previews and formatting options.

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