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Songz recognized his vocal abilities at the age of 14 and began performing in front of his family and friends.After graduating from Petersburg High School he moved to New Jersey to formally start his music career.

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Trey has been in the public eye for quite some time now and he has definitely caught the attention of ladies far and wide, through all the rumors and the facts, let’s check out some of the ones that actually caught his eyes (most especially Trey Songz girlfriend).

See also: Leonardo Dicaprio’s Wife, Girlfriends, Parents, House Being the hot commodity that he is, he has been rumored to have dated quite the number of ladies in his day, whether it’s rumor or fact, only the parties involved know for sure.

So here is all that we could dig up on the singer’s love life.

Trey Songz Girlfriend; Sheneka Adams When she was younger, she was a big Beyonce fan, so she packed up her bags and moved to Atlanta to make a name for herself in showbiz.

Trey Songz Girlfriend; Tanaya Henry These two have had an on and off thing going for 7 good years, the two finally called the time of death on their relationship in 2015.

It was actually quite serious between them, as a few months before their split Trey told Wendy Williams that he wanted to start a family with Henry. It seems that in the end, his infidelity was the deal breaker.

At that point in 2009, wanting to accomplish more success and national acknowledgment with his third album, Songz totally rehashed his sound, image, music, and lyrics of his songs. Songz additionally retooled his musical style, dumping the heartfelt adoration numbers that denoted his initial collections for hyper-sexualized, club-ready hip-hop tracks. However, his relationship with Tanaya Henry was the talk of the town.

The singer and the jewelry designer were having an affair for few years but their relationship couldn’t work out and they broke up.

Currently, his net worth is estimated at million also gaining outstanding salary from different songs, shows, endorsements and much more.

For more details about Trey Songz his albums, family, songs information are provided in his bio.

Currently, he is enjoying his life with his new girlfriend Khloe Kardashian He is a very positive and family person.

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