Who is shelley conn dating

The London-actress, known to telly fans for her role in Heartbeat, will burst back onto the small screen as DI Vanessa Harmon.

But viewers are left torn as to whose side of the story they believe.

Downton Abbey actress Joanne, 37, will play protagonist Laura Nielson, a newly-single schoolteacher.

Talking of the plot, Joanne told The Sun: “Laura has just broken up with her long-term boyfriend and gets asked out on a date by Andrew, a very charming single dad, and they have what seems to be an amazing time together, but then the story unfolds that the evening didn’t turn out as we imagined.

“Both their lives change dramatically after that night – and they have very differing views of their experiences of the evening.” The blonde actress has revealed how she was left utterly exhausted after filming for her new role and the mental demands of the hard-hitting storyline.

The series will launch in fall 2011 after a preview in May.

While she has an extensive TV series resume in the U.

She told The Mirror: “It brought it home to me how difficult it is for women to have to go through that whole process of reporting this kind of crime and how difficult it is for the police, unable to support them so much of the time. Ultimately, I think the only way to change things is by educating young people on what consent is and what consent means.” Fantastic Four star Ioan, 43, takes on the male lead role of hunky surgeon Andrew.

He sees sparks fly with teacher Laura, yet swiftly finds himself at the heart of sexual abuse allegations.

His recent roles have seen him step away from the small screen in favour of voicing video games Stories Untold and Nioh, but Liar will mark a move back to TV.

Liam and Katy's family life will become entangled with that of Katy's sister Laura as the six-part plot unfolds.

Over the course of six episodes, this captivating ITV show challenges viewers to draw their own conclusion about schoolteacher Laura and surgeon Andrew, the father of one of her pupils, who enjoy a first date.

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