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It's about, she tells me she's going to the gym, I have to drive 50 minutes across town, through traffic, to get there. [The others laugh hard] Oh, and why is this so funny? It's bad enough that you flaunt your not being married in our face, but now you're peeing all over an actual marriage. Georgia is a very nice person, she happens to be unhappy in her marriage, but she's promised me that I am the only person she's ever slept with outside of her marriage.Cops are investigating like they would anyone who reports a crime, but their hands might be tied ...

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You could've had sex with the most pathetic, insecure, desperate woman you've ever met. Kevin: And the thing with this Wonderlic test was not that the questions were so hard, but they were terribly worded. [reading Tweet featuring pic of Vernon with Andre] "Suck it, Pete #youvejustbeendoubleentendred"?

[checking feed on phone] Wait a minute, he is Tweeting.

"No, I've never been married before." "Yeah, I definitely own my own home." "No, this isn't a cold sore." I'm the guy who you come to when you're ready to perjure yourself to protect an Australian mining consortium. He's still starting Kenny Britt, who's been injured for weeks. [Heather does so] And...deep, and you can make it deep. Pete: Look, we all know, after the draft, there's not too much talent left on the free agency market, right?

Taco's lack of interest is a black mark upon our league. But now I have moved on—left this world for a better place.

Every league gets to this point where we've cheated each other so many times over the years, we don't trust each other enough to make a simple trade. Ruxin: And as your league champion, I, Rodney Ruxin, submit that if Taco does not start a lineup with active NFL players—not NHL, CFL, WWE, or Panthro from the Thunder Cats—that he shall be kicked out of this league. I myself enjoy the sorbet, but I like what you're saying about letting your tongue do that. [Heather sticks her thumb in her mouth and pulls it out slowly] Ah... You know, I did not set up this league to have a trophy end up with my wife's name on it or as a bong in my attic.

And while I have no respect for individual members of this league... Kevin: An all-Mac Arthur Shiva Bowl, and I'm not even in it. The same thing is true for women after the age of 28 'cause all the good ones are basically taken.

[Removes a drape and reveals a dry-erase board with everyone's rosters, to which they are all amazed] As you can all see, all of our teams suck. So in honor of Sukkot, I would like to propose to you what I call the eight-way trade.

We've crossed the distrust horizon into the land of no trades. Now that we're all being honest, I would like to show you something. You're doing something with your..the movement of your head, but I find that you can eat the sorbet while keeping an active tongue. [Shows Heather, who does the same] Yeah, get active.

And all I want to do is watch the game and find out how my team does. But if you do want to lose some weight, you can start by not eating my chicken salad sandwich out of the fridge. [leaning in close] By the way, love the nose job; it's perky, cute, but it doesn't rob you of your ethnicity, you know?

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