Accommodating disabilities in classrooms mate1christiandating com

Students with disabilities at Allegheny are eligible for priority class scheduling.

This service gives eligible students the opportunity to plan class schedules so as to minimize travel time and distance between classes.

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Student Disability Services will help make arrangements for such furniture.

Using a wheelchair only part of the time does not mean that a person is “faking” a disability.

It usually is a means to conserve energy or move about more quickly.

Some students who normally use mobility aids other than a wheelchair sometimes will use a wheelchair because of weather conditions or medical flare-ups.

These students must learn the routes across campus that do not present barriers (stairs, curbs, narrow walkways, heavy doors, and balky elevators).

Since a ten-minute break between classes barely is sufficient for able-bodied students, you cannot expect students with mobility limitations to be able to move from building to building so quickly.

If the class involves field work or field trips, care should be taken in selecting the site to ensure that the facility is accessible enough for the mobility-impaired student to participate and benefit from the experience.

If there is a need for transportation, faculty members may contact the Student Disability Services Coordinator at (814) 332-2898 to make arrangements.

Some disabilities are progressive (as in muscular dystrophy); others are not.

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