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These updates, and information about the patches, can be found in the following security bulletins: The affected drivers from these releases are found in the following locations: USB Audio %systemroot%\inf\wdma_%systemroot%\System32\Driver Store\File Repository\wdma_usb.inf_x86_xxx_xxx USB %systemroot%\inf\%systemroot%\System32\Driver Store\File Repository\input.inf_x86_xxx_xxx There may be additional changes in these patches, but it is a larger issue to decommission half of our devices at once with a single set of updates.Be sure to read through the security bulletins to decide what’s best for you. ~Scriptd EEZ In working with sequencing different App-V 5 applications, I’ve found there can be requirements for binaries to exist at absolute paths in C:\Program Files.

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The 3rd tier collection for OSD Deployment is selected.

Looking at the OSD Deployment collection membership, the object's Direct membership was added, but because of collection limiting, the object does not exist in the parent collection and thus will never appear as a member of the OSD Build collection.

Create an include rule on both the All Workstation and All Server Tier 2 collections for the All OSD collection. This allows the imported devices to be able to flow down through the limited collections to the 3rd tier collection.

These are the ramblings of a 30 something (going on 60) year old disgruntled IT Professional.

This is amazing news for me and my readers for many reasons: new information, new knowledge, new resources, and new issues.

All of these mean that this blog will hopefully be picking up in production and provide more inside looking into VMware’s virtualization products.Finally I spotted a few references to AV related issues (which I suspected were responsible for another issue I have with slow PXE boots).Sure enough, when I killed off all the Trend related services from Windows Task Manager and did another update and refresh of the collection - IT WORKED!!After debugging and investigating the log on the machine, I was able to determine that there were changes to the native USB and USB Audio drivers on the system.In moving backwards, I found that some Microsoft Windows security updates have been released that update kernel drivers on the system in order to resolve a reported vulnerability.This is gradually evolving into a Windows SCCM blog but there's a bit of "me stuff" in here too as I like to write so have a look at some of my work. I've had a problem with the old girl recently - our SCCM 2007 environment had been chugging along nicely until a few weeks ago. 500 collections with update schedules running pretty evenly throughout the day.

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