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“Somebody with, for example, the same kind of education and background, instead of the same kind of family.” As a result, many are looking for partners at university, at work or on social media.

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Amira, 23, who has dated in secret for years, has always been careful.

“Imagine if somebody sees me, my cousin or my brother, by chance? “So it’s always in places a bit closed-off, places like the seaside at night, or a park, places far from people close to us.” She asked Newsweek not to publish her last name, so that her family does not find out.

Amira met her first boyfriend in an online chat room when she was 18.

Charmed by his words, she talked to him for two years before they met in person. Twenty-six-year-old Dana – not her real name – hopes to avoid a similar fate.

The khanjar is a ceremonial curved dagger worn during formal occasions, often described as "an important symbol of male elegance".

The national dress for Omani women includes a dress worn over trousers (sirwal) and a headdress (lihaf).

“I need to know the girl.”In some segments of Omani society, dating and marrying for love has become ordinary.

Samar al-Mawali, 23, did not tell her parents about her relationship with her high-school sweetheart at first, but when they found out anyway, they supported her. but they’re not conservative in the sense that they don’t allow us to mix with boys,” she says.

While the sun sets over the Indian ocean, young men call out honeyed words to female passers-by.“I got to know the charisma of her personality,” he says of his cousin, whom he did not know personally because she lives in the United Arab Emirates. Arranged matches were for a long time the norm, with minimal contact between a couple before their wedding. Oil wealth, globalisation and widespread higher education have transformed the country since Sultan Qaboos bin Said seized power from his father in 1970 and opened Oman to the world.“It’s a new generation,” says Rahma al-Mahrooqi, director of the humanities research centre at Sultan Qaboos University in Muscat.

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