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A nightmare scenario unfolded when a mother learned that her twin daughters’ bedroom was being live streamed without the family’s knowledge. People are watching my kids in their home, dressing, sleeping, playing.” Jennifer only found out about the hacked camera when a friend alerted her to a post on a Houston mothers’ group on Facebook.“We have security cameras to protect them,” mom of three Jennifer, told . Another mom, Shelby Ivie, had shared a screenshot of the girls’ bedroom feed in an effort to track down and warn the family.The best way to protect yourself is using a sticker to cover your device's camera, a technique used by Mark Zuckerberg and ex FBI-Director James Comey.

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Whether you prefer nature or city, you'll be dazzled by the beautiful landscapes we have to offer.

The researcher said communities of webcam-hackers exist where users boast of their crimes Step 1: Unplug it Step 2: Change the password Step 3: Don't click attachments Step 4: Scan your PC for malware Step 5: Look for the indicator light Step 6: Change your webcam Step 7: Turn on your firewall Step 8: Use your webcam sensibly Despite all the available methods, the simplest one, and the one used by experts, is to put a piece of tape over the webcam.

Source: BT Security expert Candid Wueest, who works for California-based firm Symantec, spoke to the Metro about the dangers of webcams and how to protect yourself.

That weakness, and similar weaknesses in other Io T products, allowed criminals to create a massive botnet of compromised connected devices.

Xiongmai told the BBC that its webcams didn’t make up the majority of the devices in the botnet, however.Chinese electronics company Hangzhou Xiongmai is recalling its webcams in the US following last week’s massive distributed denial-of-service attack that shut down multiple websites, including Github, Amazon, and Twitter.Some security researchers, including security firm Flashpoint, blamed the attack on Xiongmai’s lagging security practices and use of a default username and password in its software and camera components.We add new webcams to our world listing on a daily basis. I’ve got a story that’ll make you want to jump out of your seat and unplug anything with a camera in your house, pronto.) Unidentified attackers assembled those infected devices into a botnet to target Dyn, a DNS service provider, on Friday, as well as security blogger Brian Krebs.

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