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However, a new problem will arise before she can travel, and thus begins the second part of the scam.

This stage involves the scammer asking for even more money – usually to help solve a problem relating to her travel.

For instance, it could be a problem with the visa or that the only available tickets left are incredibly expensive.

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If he doesn't have a job, it's understandable that he won't want to lead with that, but if he won't even elaborate when pressed, he either (1) does something shady as hell for a living or (2) is just fine with lying a lot.14. It's one thing if he's being a gentleman and doesn't want you to make a long drive out to see him.

It's another if he freaks out at the prospect of you being within a 20-mile radius of his home.15. Either he has low self-esteem, doesn't care about pictures, or that picture is not at all indicative of him.

Once she has received the money, in the majority of cases the victim will never hear from the female again.

She completely disappears, as if she never existed in the first place.

When this occurs, she will remain in contact, this time messaging about how everything is going well e.g.

her visa has just been received or that the tickets have now been booked.

Moreover, she will need this money sent to her as soon as possible – time is of the essence after all.

Now, when a female you have only just recently met online is asking for some money, then this should be a rather clear warning sign.

His idea of a date is really just a thinly veiled sexual euphemism.

"Hey, how about for our first date, we grab a bite to eat, and then I [vague reference to oral here]." Chances are slim you are going to be like, "Yeah, dude.

Expect these romantic liaisons to continue for quite some time – weeks or even months – before she will attempt to begin the scam proper.

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