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He discovers Miss Havisham is a shut-in who has boarded up the windows around the entire house so as not to allow any light in.

She remains seated in a tattered chair where she instructs Pip to play cards with Estella.

Early the next morning, Pip steals food and drink from the Gargery pantry (including a pie for their Christmas feast) and sneaks out to the graveyard. He had brought some of the brandy to the convict and had to replace it somehow.

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He also meets the Pockets who give him a chilly welcome.

Outside, Pip is accosted by a young man, a young Hebert Pocket of about the same age, who tries to engage him in a fight.

A while after Pip’s encounter with the convict, Pip's life returns to normal.

He continues to attend the local school which is run by Mr.

Wopsle's great-aunt, and becomes friends with Biddy, an orphan who was adopted by the Wopsles; even though no more was said of the incident with the convict and he has been absolved of any wrongdoing, he still feels guilty for the theft.

A wealthy old woman named Miss Havisham asks Pip's Uncle Pumblechook to find a boy of a certain age and bring him to her home to play.He begins to tenaciously learn everything he can from Biddy in school, with the hopes of becoming more educated and refined, in an effort to win Estella's affections, who had called him a "common, labouring boy".One day, when Pip goes to the town pub to pick up Joe, they are approached by a messenger sent by Pip's convict who gives Pip two pound notes before leaving; however, upon returning home with the notes, Mrs.He warns Pip not to tell anyone and to do as he says or he will cut out Pip's heart and liver.Pip returns home, where he lives with his older sister Mrs.Pumblechook immediately selects Pip and brings him to Miss Havisham's, who lives in the village in Satis House.

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