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To date, Susan has had 11 solo exhibitions locally and internationally.She is currently back studying film animation at Concordia University.

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The Human Rights Campaign even encouraged followers to watch the short, tweeting a link to the film with the caption, “We can all relate to this.” The film is also a semi-finalist for the 2017 Student Academy Awards.

Set in the not-so-distant future, a gamer’s mind gets lost inside a unique virtual reality.

Simultaneously a stream-of-conscious narrative and a documentation of its own production, A Story About a Bear Who Wanted to be a Horse is a film about my young friend Ryan telling me about his stuffed bear’s quest to become a horse.

The fiction of the film tells the story of Ryan’s bear’s transformative journey as our real relationship is put to the test in an effort to combine Ryan’s unique vision with my filmmaking. The sun is setting as dusk swallows a swaying field of corn; a tempest on the rise.

I chose to do a promo for the 2017 festival for my Graduate project at Vancouver Film School’s Digital Design program.

Cel Animation and rotoscoping was used to create dynamic high energy 3D rotating ski & snowboard tricks.

He is one of the founding teachers of the NAD school in Montreal and still participates in the school’s success by working on its class curriculum and by teaching highly sought after CGI courses.

His latest foray into the movie field is to act as director where he use his experience and eclectic imagination to push his bright students to act as an efficient team and go beyond what could be done in a normal education paradigm.

He completed is Master in Digital Arts and he is now a freelance consultant for various VFX companies both local and abroad .

He is an active member of the Visual Effects Society of California.

The story of how my Hungarian grandmother survived as a Jewish prisoner during the Holocaust.

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