Dating girls with commitment issues

Don’t play the casual game with someone you have deep feelings for either. You shouldn’t have to go on a personal PR campaign to get someone to want to be with you. Trying to get a man who doesn’t want to be in a relationship… is like trying to fit a rhinoceros through a mouse-hole. If a man doesn’t want to be committed to you, why try to force him? Let’s look at the potential for a couple moving from a steady relationship to marriage.

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Anyway, below are the thought process I have held onto that has help me deal with this 3 month cycle of dating: – You can’t make anyone do anything they don’t want to: if someone doesn’t want to be with you there is no convincing him into it.

– It’s all about personal growth: whether in or out of an involvement with someone, as long as you’ve grown in some way (together or apart), it was worth it.

Various reasons for this, all BS, but reasons nonetheless — or excuses rather.

For example some of the breakup excuses have been: this one is one of the cleanest cut ways out.

Some men are just way too charming to keep your guard up from them. You shouldn’t have to go on a personal PR campaign to get someone to want to be with you. is a Caribbean, online, weekly, lifestyle magazine that is written for, by, and about Caribbean people in their 20s to mid 40s, based regionally and abroad.

Don’t think he’ll change his skin one day, and become a new man, who suddenly becomes devoted to you either. We religiously publish original content every Monday.

Women like to hate on men who just want some booty or to have some fun. Most girls treat almost every guy they date as prospective husband material.

Can you really blame them if you’re a hottie and want to ‘get some’? They’re more smitten with the idea of marriage than with wanting to marry someone because they’re smitten by the person.

They just won’t do it, and even if you force them to, you won’t get the result you want.

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