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” (Psalm 1) God wants you to succeed, and if you pray to him he can give you the strength to do what is right! Choosing a confidant is often an important step in breaking the habit.—Proverbs .

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When setting up for a live video stream of a rehearsal for Spencer Kane's summer tour in the studio at Remedy Live in Fort Wayne, Indiana, he and I took a break to talk to the Director of Operations there.

She was newly hired to handle day-to-day management of the facility and staff, but also engage in the anonymous chat conversations between the staff of Remedy and teens facing crisis.

It makes logical sense to conclude they would consider themselves boyfriend and girlfriend and dating.

What I can't grasp is the first-hand experience I've had in seeing how this is becoming the norm.

We are experiencing the advent of a generation of youth who will grow up lacking the skill of interpreting the other 90% of communication which doesn't involve words or speech.

Things like facial expressions (which emoticons are supposed to represent), body language, pitch of voice, inflection, volume (sometimes capital letters in typed communication), or even gestures add meaning to communication.Managing social media for Spencer's career the past three years has exposed me to a virtual world where relationship development among users is a fascinating and mostly disturbing phenomena to me.Television shows like "Catfish" on MTV focus on the effects of cyber-dating and the potential hoax that can occur since you never really meet one another outside of the internet.Answers to Life's Questions Some of the questions I read on all of Spencer's social media platforms are anywhere from funny to tragic. They are reaching out on social media to get some relief from their emotional and mental pain. Some have shared of being abused physically, sexually or mentally. From my perspective, I'm shocked that they aren't able to find those answers in their own family.It would be naive to assume that teens have close relationships with their parents, because statistically it's just not so.These youth are being deprived of learning how to interact in the most basic and primal method our ancestors have passed along for thousands of years.

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