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“Nobody really thought I’d be a sorority girl because I didn’t fit that stereotype,” Minto said.

“I don’t think there’s as much of a stigma about sorority girls as people think there is.” Initially, Minto wasn’t open about her sexuality with members of her sorority because she was worried about the way they would react.

“I finally got to tell them about someone I had fallen for.” Stauffer is the president of the Volunteer Action Center, a resident assistant for campus housing and is a member of the Kappa Alpha fraternity.

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Through what Stauffer described as a small act of taking his boyfriend to his semi-formal, he hopes he’s able to inspire other people to do the same.

Minto hopes that LGBT students can be seen as a norm in Greek organizations.

“It was through them accepting me so well that I was really able to come to terms with who I was.” Minto came to the Uof A from Houston, knowing how big Greek Life was on the southern campus, she figured she would at least go through recruitment, she said.

Minto found what she was looking for and became a member of the Phi Mu sorority.

It was something he knew he always wanted to do, Stauffer said, but he was still nervous the week leading up to the event. “The cool thing is I know 10 years ago we wouldn’t have even thought about something like this,” Stauffer said.

“Today we’re here in an SEC school, in a fraternity with southern roots and very conservative morals, I was excited to see that met with love and support.” UA Junior Ramsey Minto felt a similar feeling of support when she came out to members of her sorority, late into her freshman year, when Minto started seeing a girl.Eighty-six to 90 percent of participants described the reactions of fraternity or sorority members to their coming out as “supportive or very supportive,” according to the study.This type of support is something Stauffer is familiar with, he said.In each of their experiences, Minto and Stauffer agree that it takes knowing someone who is a part of the LGBT community in order to fully understand it.“My sexual orientation is not something that defines me,” Stauffer said.She was excited about her new relationship and knew she had to tell her friends about it.

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