Black dating man seeking white woman Brisbane sex dating facebook

I did NOT specify that I was interested in any particular race of man.

I posted the ad in the NSA (no strings attached category) and I also posted an altered version of the ad in the LTR (long term relationship category) of the personals section.

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Of the 375, about half were from married white males.

About 15% of the responses were from Black men and the remaining responses were from Hispanic, one Indian and one Native American man.

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It wasn’t too long ago that a study was published by Psychology Today that stated that Black women were “objectively the least attractive women.” The article was fallacious, but it certainly garnered a lot of attention. There was also an OK cupid “study,” that showed that Black women were the race of women who were responded to the LEAST, even though they responded to men the most.

If we believe all of this hype, it would seem that Black women are just ugly, undesirable…and so incredibly unattractive that no man would ever dare look at us in a sexual manner.

The fact that most of my responses came from the no strings attached ad that I placed and that the majority of the MWM wanted a “discreet encounter,” says that these men are not comfortable with being seen with Black women publicly at all and it also tells me that perhaps many white men view Black women as not being good enough for a long term relationship, but good enough for a discreet, dirty, shameful sex encounter.

Why hasn’t anyone done a study on the number married white men seeking sex with random Black women on craigslist…??

I was expecting that most of my responses would come from Black men because I am a Black woman, but these were my results.

I received roughly 442 responses and of the 442 response, 375 were from white males.

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