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Oh well, tarareba onna ends up with tarareba otoko ain’t that big of a surprise, i guess?

If anything, i can’t imagine the kind of relationship they’ll build and thus don’t think it would last, if only for the fact that Rinko is the most wishy-washy and fickle heroine ever, who falls in and out of love easily.

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She also goes on dates arranged by the matchmaking agency. until Ryo-chan comes for another visit, this time to ask her out and date her properly since he’s broken up with his girlfriend and . I was afraid she would cave, but after a long pause, she rejects the tempting offer, saying he won’t change.

I was ready to phew when she turns around and says she’ll reconsider it. What’s the point of your series-long struggles and eventual commitment to stay away from the good-for-nothing player if at the very end you fall right back into his arms!?

He didn’t have the best personality, but i expected his cold attitude to thaw in the span of 10 episodes.

Nope; he continued to get on my nerves thanks to his unchanging condescending bearing.

Hayasaka was picked up along the way, but he’s also the one who returned.

Furthermore, it was Rinko who made a move on him first, found him cute (which appears to be quite a big statement when it comes to a potential significant other in J-dorama world) in many ways, and decided to not let him get away the second time.

I don’t even know which incensed me more — Rinko’s or Kaori’s final choice.

But let’s not forget there’s still Koyuki, the equally stubborn and opaque girl.

Besides, a man who answers a woman’s confession with “I — left Ryo-chan for good.

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