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Sawtooth (Custom Shop Version) Black with luminous pinstripes and luminous sawtooth inlays (Standard Version) Black with white pinstripes and pearl sawtooth inlays both the CS and STD version are available in chrome or gold hardware 4.

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As of 2007, a cheaper model (the Alexi- 200) is also available, in either solid black or white finish.

It's a bolt on, 25.5" Scale with the body made out of basswood, with a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard.

We have no choice other than canceling Ruisrock in Turku on Saturday as well. We had decided to do only two festivals in our homeland this summer to make it real special, and now this.

We hope that we will be able to make up for this very soon.

The US version guitars are a slightly different shape than what Alexi usually plays, as the SV shape is a copyrighted Jackson shape. Another difference is the use of solid black or yellow pinstripes on the paint finish instead of his traditional pinstriped design which lies on the bevels of the guitar.

So to avoid a lawsuit, ESP made the bottom horn slightly larger and also put in a cut-away to get to the higher frets, like a modified B. The guitar comes in two finishes: black with yellow stripe and white with black stripe.

The band was created merely for the entertainment of the musicians, and takes a carefree approach to their music.

The band's discography includes two EP's, and two full-length albums.

To all our fans who had been looking forward to rock with us at Ruisrock this weekend, take our apologies and enjoy the festival.

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