Fender quad reverb dating

This is intended to be an informative article for the uninformed, and is purposely not terribly specific.I'm also not going to get too deeply into technical details of circuitry.

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Most changes generally made a louder, cleaner sounding amp, with more headroom.

Of course, during this time, rock musicians were seeking more and more distortion.

It is a pretty cool little amp, and I really liked it. I don't think it has been plugged in since..Champ was louder, and sounded MUCH better. I still think it is a great little amp, especially for the price...

I think that Gibson made a mistake discontinuing it..just needed a little improvement) I mentioned that the Champ is hand wired.

Pretty much for the first 5 years, CBS didn't make that many changes to the amp circuits in production when they took over, and kept the current cosmetic scheme, a black faceplate with white lettering, black tolex (which Fender had changed to in 1964) and a bone colored grillcloth with black and silver threads in it.

But, there were a few changes here and there, some models were discontinued during that time..as the Concert and Pro in 1965 and the Deluxe in 1966.I also apologize for not having a lot of photos of mint Silverface equipment.Presently, I personally own only two well worn Silverface road warriors, a 1971 Champ, and a 1972 Bassman 50 (AA371).Don Randall obviously didn't agree with what was going on, as he resigned his general manager position in mid-1969.Around 1970, there was a music store that I would stand in front of often, slobbering at this silverface Dual Showman Reverb with two cabs that they had in the window. A few years later, when I actually started playing the guitar, that amp was forgotten..dream was of a Marshall full stack.I have a few other jpegs of other silverface equipment I know the owners of.

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