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As the primary institution in children’s lives, schools can play a leadership role in addressing bullying problems.Adults are essential for children and youth’s healthy relationships.The destructive lessons learned in childhood about the negative use of power may translate into sexual harassment in the workplace, dating violence, marital abuse, child abuse, and elder abuse.

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Many more children observe bullying and know that it is going on.

At some point, the majority of children will engage in some form of bullying and experience some form of victimization.

Coaching and role playing can help children learn assertive responses.

While the majority of bullying tends to occur in the classroom, on the school playground, and on the school bus where children are most often together, we know that bullying is a community problem, not just a school problem.

Bullying is a relationship problem defined by the use of aggression by a person with greater power towards a person with lesser power.

Aggression within family relationships is termed “child abuse”, "elder abuse" or “intimate partner violence”.15% of girls and 18% of boys reported being victimized at least twice over the same time period.These figures suggest that in a classroom of 35 students, between 4 and 6 children are bullying and/or are being bullied.Bullying then diversifies into more sophisticated forms of verbal, social, homophobic, and sexually and racially based aggression.Over time, these new forms of aggression are carried forward into different relationships and environments.Without intervention, a significant number of youth who bully in childhood will continue to bully as they move through adolescence and into adulthood.

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