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You must learn to deny yourselves of worldly gratification. I will mention just one other principle related to academic and professional competition. In this environment, being a man or woman of integrity will not put you at a competitive disadvantage among those who may be compromising standards of honesty; rather, it will work to your benefit. While I was at another professional meeting with a graduate student some years ago, we ran into the chair of the session in which the student had presented earlier.

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Many seek to impress others and aspire to the honors of men by deliberately calling attention to themselves. Packer said: To seek after the praise of men, the scriptures caution us, is to be led carefully away from the only safe path to follow in life. Men’s commendation and contempt can lead us from the path of safety.

Jesus chastised those in His time who did “all their works . In contrast, Jesus, speaking of His Father, said, “I do always those things that please him” (John ).

This morning I would like to review with you certain principles taught in the scriptures and by living prophets that relate to comparing and competing, first in our academic and professional lives, then more generally in our personal lives.

One way to deal with academic and professional competition was recommended to me by my graduate advisor.

Oaks said: A message given by a General Authority at a general conference . [“The Dedication of a Lifetime,” CES fireside for young adults, Oakland, California, ; emphasis in original] No one is more aware than your speaker today that you are not, in this gathering, listening to a General Authority at a general conference.

However, I hope the same principle will apply: that something you hear in the words of the prophets and the scriptures we will consider this morning will impress upon your mind and heart something you personally “should do about it.” President Gordon B.

In general conference in April 2007, Elder Jeffrey R.

Holland said that our culture has an “obsession with comparing [and] competing” (“The Tongue of Angels,” Ensign, May 2007, 17).

At the end of his presentation, which was the last in that session, many scientists in the audience came to the front to greet him as he stepped down from the podium to commend and congratulate him and even offer to remain in contact regarding his future research.

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