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It is expected that the recent start (2010) of oil production will provide a much needed boost to the economy, as the country has been heavily in debt for some time.

Ghana remains very dependent on international financial and technical assistance.

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You are not allowed out of the hotel complex on foot unless accompanied by a ranger.

Cape Coast is a city a 3-hour bus ride from Accra, with a number of forts which supported the slave trade.

Ghana, with a total area of approaching 240,000 sq.

km is located in west Africa between the Ivory Coast and Togo and borders the Gulf of Guinea The country has a population of around 25 million and its capital, Accra, has around 2.25 million inhabitants, the Accra agglomeration around 4 million.

Warnings: Ghana requires you to have a Yellow Fever immunisation, and as West Africa is a malarial area, you should consider whether to take a prophylactic, especially if you are travelling around.

Tap water should never be drunk in Ghana, and avoid uncooked street food – fruit is OK if you peel it yourself.

To get close to tropical rainforest, go from Cape Coast to Kakum National Park one hour’s drive away for the “canopy walk” , a long suspended rope walkway that takes you among the tree tops and close to the birdlife.

(Not suitable if you are nervous of heights.) There is a museum and café.

Ghana’s population growth rate is less than 2% and life expectancy (at birth) is about 60 for men and 62 for women. Agriculture involving mainly small landholders employs about 50% of the working population.

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