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Two options that I see: 1) Use the Text File Input step, and the Error Handling tab 2) Write a Java Script step Personally, I would go with the latter, but you have to start to question your source if you are getting data coming in with bad dates.

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But, if a record contains some bad data, then the whole transform aborts.

I see that its not possible to Define Error Handling for a CSV Input step.

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Is there a way to stop people filling in date fields manually?

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One such feature is field validation of database records. I would request more robust import and user entry field validation capabilities to keep data clean.

Without this capability, the database very quickly starts to contain garbage fields. It would be hard for people to refer back to you as "Anonymous"... You can also set other profile details there like picture.

Validation is at the discretion of the editors and moderators of the forum.

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