Paul dano and zoe kazan dating

Directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris from a first screenplay by actress and playwright Kazan, the film constantly challenges the audience as it takes an unpredictable route into fantasy, identity and the ways we invent love and how love reinvents us.

At the press day for , we sat down at a roundtable interview with Kazan and Dano to talk about what happens when a writer tries to make a relationship from his imagination work in the real world.

Kazan: Jon and Valerie definitely were trying to push me past my physical limits.

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That was actually one of the big sighs of relief when we first saw the film because that’s a scary and daunting thing.

I feel really good about the fact that it’s two characters up there. How much of Paul is in Calvin or were you thinking of Paul when you were creating Calvin?

would say that they wanted to work with them again.

They’re wonderful people and they’re wonderful filmmakers and they really care about what they do. I think they love what they do and they care about the characters and the story and the audience. I am much too much of a junky to let that enter my bloodstream. This is such a creative story and you have such a unique and very singular voice, what has taken you so long to write a screenplay? But with a voice that’s this good, it’s like we’ve been waiting for this for so long.

I guess I was interested in what happens when people try to manipulate each other, that you destroy the thing you love by trying to change it.

But, on the other hand, Ruby justifies to herself what’s going on with her.

She says “I’ve been so up and down lately,” and I have said those very words to Paul.

I think most of us do not have a cohesive experience of ourselves.

I didn’t even really think about playing it until we were almost two weeks out and then we started talking more about it. Can each of you talk about what you have coming up next? I think I walked away being like “only if I really need to again.” I was very, very drained by that.

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