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She had a brand-new red hooded sweatshirt tied around her waist.

As we were getting into the raft, she leaned over and dipped part of the shirt into the lake.

'I'm using what's in those little square boxes.' Of course, when the jerk from accounting approaches, a wise woman mentions tampons by name, directly, and loud enough for him to hear while he has time to turn and run. Heavy periods meant evacuating all of the mice (due to extreme flooding, of course).

Screamed loudly into dorm hallway, 'I need SERIOUS DRUGS and a HEATING PAD! With reference to other items on this page: As for the communists invading the summer house, we called it the red army and it invaded the southlands.

Ragtime music got a similar treatment in that it started out as just that phrase but became more varied and less direct.

Mom knew more of the musicians and writers, so we just guessed when she mentioned someone new.

The dye from the material ran bright red against the yellow raft.

In an offended hostess voice, I reminded her that, as a guest, she was welcome to use whatever she needed.

Songs you could sing or hum were good for code: Red Sails in the Sunset, Here Comes Peter Cottontail, The Bunny Hop, Walk Like an Egyptian, The House of the Rising Sun (Japanese flag), Maple Leaf Rag, O Canada! Not Kosher for Passover (Also draws in the image of lamb's blood on the door frames). The pediatricians are getting worried about losing future customers, so Dr.

(Red maple leaf on white flag), The Red, Red Robin Goes Bob Bob Bobbing Along, Remember the Red River Valley. No Jews allowed (well, some Jewish guys still did). Because there would be no need for a rabbit test: The bunny lived! Blank is busy drawing Binky, learning more about the dynamic opportunities in the heating and cooling industry, taking in a boarder, etc.

Waves came over the side and the raft filled higher and higher with reddish pink water. Any conversation including the words light, regular, and super means you need a tampon.

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