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And, when I was offered The City, I really wanted to work and perform. I've been auditioning and nothing is working out." I was getting really nervous. We have our off-time, too, so I always look at it like a performance.For me, I've always loved being in New York and the truth is, as an actress, it's really hard to live in New York with all the auditions being in L. So, when I got the opportunity to be in New York and work in fashion, which is my other big passion, something sounded right about it. IESB: How much of the version that people see of you on the show is really who you feel you are?IESB: Do you have any specific directors or actors that you'd love to work with some day? IESB: Do you have any desire to get behind the camera as well?

Kevin and Chad ended up having a thing, and my character re-introduced Scotty and Kevin, trying to set them up on a date, and that's when they ended up getting back together, and then getting married. It so shows the contrast between Kevin and Scotty as well because she's his really good friend and she's such an airhead.

She's really energetic and everything is in the moment. More than anything else, I think it really highlights his character.

Roxy: I'm playing the surrogate for Kevin (Matthew Rhys) and Scotty (Luke Macfarlane).

My character, Michelle, was Chad's (Jason Lewis) girlfriend. She's a carefree spirit, which is so opposite from Kevin, and that's why they wanted to bring her in as a surrogate.

You have to put yourself on the line a little bit because, if you want to watch that, then you have to bring it.

It's scary, but with this guy, I really believe that he's not just there for the cameras.I got really nervous and decided that I didn't really feel like that was right for me to do. And then, I get to do Brothers & Sisters, at the same time, so I get to see both worlds.But, when I did that, I was in a place where I was really trying to get myself started as an actress and I didn't really feel like that was right for me. It's not reality, in the sense that cameras are following us around 24/7.We're on each other's team, throughout this whole thing.We know there's certain things that we have to do, in order to keep the drama up, and we're always honest with each other about it." I don't get recognized very often, but when I am, it's like, "Hey, Roxy! Because it's a reality show, people feel like they know you, or people get mad at me. IESB: How did you end up being cast on Brothers & Sisters? I had no idea that they were going to bring me back on.

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