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Teachers and parents can use the board game to ask thought-provoking questions and promote interest in life skills." Massyn is now in her final year of studies as a foundation phase teacher.Most of us brought out the tissues when Jennifer Lopez's character in Maid in Manhattan ended up with her rich prince charming who saved her from being a maid.

Janice Massyn, a nurse from Pietermaritzburg, created Viva Dating Game, using the snakes and ladders concept with players racing to the finish.

The game, which is being piloted at a few schools in northern Kwa Zulu-Natal, is about helping the youth to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy relationships.

"And if you are drinking heavily how will that affect your friendships with your family and friends.

The game covers social issues such as HIV, drug and alcohol abuse and teenage pregnancy." She said it was through her own experiences and interaction with friends and family that she decided to come up with a game."Many of the stories on my cards are based on real life.

Men are ruled by pride, and of course a man's pride is bound to take a knock when he starts dating a woman who makes more than he does.

The first thing to do would be to swallow that pride.

I was dramatic on purpose but it was a good opportunity to get myself out there." Thami was dragged on social media for his appearance on the dating show‚ with fans suggesting that he was being a diva and trying to steal his friend's date.

Thami said that he had read all of the comments about him and was amused at what people were saying."I heard that I was drunk and that I was the worst friend. He said it was pure coincidence that his role on Generations started so soon after his Date My Family appearance and denied that he was looking for attention."It was just a crazy coincidence and even though it is nice because it keeps me relevant in people's minds‚ but I am not looking for attention.

I just want to act and it happened to pan out this way‚" he said.

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