Error in updating your system Private chatroulette

If you have only Windows 8.1 installed on your pc, some articles online say you can hold down F8 or SHIFT F8 to load the advanced startup screen. Luckily for me, I had this operating system selection screen that windows provides when there are multiple detected operating systems installed on a computer.

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In this case, you will likely need to just pull the virtual plug (using Hyper-V's "Shut Down" utility.2) Adjust Autostart Settings (set a 5-second delay).

In order to continue, we will need to boot the VM into Safe Mode.

If it still shows the update messages again, you can wait a bit and suffer a few restarts following the process above to boot into safe mode. You can either perform a system restore if you have previously created a system restore point before the “faulty updates were installed” .

On the other hand, you could manually uninstall the offending updates.

As stated above, the problem was by Getting into advanced options, Enabling Safe Mode and Uninstalling all recent updates available.

The first part of this process is done during the boot process .This post details how you can recover from the above Windows update error without a need for the installation CD or recovery partition.From my experience, this error occurs after windows automatically downloads and installs “updates” and requests a restart.When I checked for updates, there were over 200 available updates, nearly all of which were "critical".They obviously needed to be applied, so I began the process.Select each of the recently installed updates and uninstall them.

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