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If you used templates to build your site, you probably won’t cry on your keyboard when the boss asks you to add an additional button and a link to the navigation bar.

Instead of editing every page, you can simply open the template file, update the navigation bar, and let Dreamweaver apply the update to all your pages.

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Currently I'm trialing Dreamweaver (MX) and Contribute (3.11), to check that it's a workable solution for my company, in terms of editing and auditing, but right now I'm having a problem.

I have some templates (files) that I create in Dreamweaver, for use with Contribute, i.e.

My company site is huge (as it's translated into 6 languages) and has multiple contributors/editors.

It sounds like I will have to download the entire site before I edit a template, and put it back again afterwards. it sounds rediculous, so I'm sure I've got it wrong.

The only way I can get the page to be updated is to edit the page in Contribute, go to the Format menu and choose ' Template Properties', then hit OK again to close this dialog.

I then see the page refresh with the new template changes. I would expect, as I mentioned, to have all pages automatically updated when the template is saved, and published. While I think I've found most of the things you mentioned since my first post, it is useful to get confirmation of my finding, which appears to be consistent with your post.

In the early days of web page development, using tables for page layout was standard operating procedure. Reliable, hierarchical navigation menu systems did not exist, so it was easier for a developer to create multiple templates for various sections of a website with tables for links.

For example, one template might cover category pages, while another would cover catalog pages.

Aaargh - I feel like I've been thrust cruelly to the dark ages.

Just inherited a site which the client wants to continue updating in Dreamweaver on the whole, but with a cms attached for users. My issue is that I've never used DW templates before, preferring php goodness.

Often these sites have outdated code or are badly in need of an upgrade.

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