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Maundy Thursday is celebrated as the last day of Jesus’ life and the day of the Last Supper.

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These are citizens that have done great service in the community and are chosen to receive a red and white purse containing one coin for every year of rule by the Monarch.

Maundy Money is a modern change on the original celebration of Maundy Thursday.

They are generally consumed as a breakfast food and come straight from the oven.

Once sold by street vendors in the cities, a well known nursery rhyme was founded based on the pitch sung by the local vendors: There are several superstitions around the hot cross bun.

For Christians, Easter symbolises the dawn of a new life and the high point of the Christian calendar.

While defined as a Christian holiday, Easter has many of its roots in the traditions and rituals of the pagan people who inhabited the United Kingdom before its wide spread conversion to the Christian faith.

The Easter weekend is the first public holiday period of the year to enjoy spring-like weather, so many outdoor events are generally part of Easter celebrations.

This includes domestic travel – not only to visit family but to hit key hotspot destinations.

The current tradition of Maundy Money was said to have been started by King Charles the Second in 1662 and has remained unchanged in its entirety since 1670.

Thought once to be named “God’s Friday” or “Holy Friday”, the United Kingdom’s celebration of Good Friday is a commemoration of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

It is customary for the sovereign to distribute what is called the “Maundy Money” to deserving senior citizens.

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