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She is very well known for her HUGE 34JJ breasts – yes, 32JJ!

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his genitals are shaved, he wears panties and also he's got his pubic hair shaved.

Finland is well-covered with webcam views from the capital, Helsinki, to northerly Rovaniemi.

So a lot of my guys will ask for something different, then I take them to my walk in wardrobe so they can choose what to dress me up in.

i Webcam® offers a variety of chat room configurations.

I started Babestation back in 2002, so I’m the only originally Babestation babe left on the channel now!

I love working for Babestation, it’s where I first started and it’s where I belong 🙂 Have you worked for any other Babe Channels? I was actually in charge of the night shows on babe channel, I loved being the boss! All of the time and spend most of my day talking about it! Indulging in everyone’s fantasies and desires all of the time keeps sex constantly on my mind. Hmm no, I don’t think it does, it’s not good for it to be too small though.

In addition to countless lads mags, she’s appeared on Channel 4’s and a whole lot more!

Levi has earned the nickname ‘Cam Queen’ due to her commitment to being online – you’ll find her on the site most day – but also due to the filth she gets up to in front of camera!

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It’s all about what the guy wants, he gets to direct the whole experience, it’s like he’s a porn director. Lacey lingerie, high heels, naughty stockings and suspenders.

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