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Other states may require that checks be conducted, or that a warning be posted if checks are not conducted.It is unclear whether someone with a conviction would be identified to other members of an online dating site. Unfortunately, even with a criminal record check, no dating site can confidently give a user its seal of approval.Social networking sites, online dating services, and even matchmaking sites have been around for some time now, but recently, they've become more and more popular.

That does not necessarily mean, however, that they are unsafe.

There are other ways to ensure safety besides criminal background checks.

They may also be ineffective in that they simply re-route users to more traditional real-world places to meet such as bars or coffeehouses, or to newspaper personal ads.

Sometime we forget that the Internet, while risky, is not risky.

People may have good and bad reasons for seeking anonymity.

They may be gay and seeking to date same-sex partners without coworkers' knowing, because they fear discrimination at work.

(No one will transact will an e Bay seller with poor feedback, and many successful sellers have feedback that is over 99% positive.) In addition, e Bay offers a program whereby sellers or buyers can have their IDs verified, to build additional trust in their user profiles. But some dating sites have used reputation in creative ways - either negatively, as with, or positively, as with sites where users get recommendations from exes with whom they are still friends.

Moreover, users could voluntarily agree to background checks, rather than having them legally required.

For these reasons, if a site represents that a user has no criminal convictions, it may give users a false sense of security.

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