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New mom Thurman raved about her custom made Calvin Klein black skirt suit.

“It’s a variation of one of their runway creations and they made it for me.

You think about getting half of Congress, or the presidency...

It's going to take a while no matter how hard we work on it.

THE 9.6million followers who tune in to watch Miranda Kerr having her hair done on Instagram – for this is how models spend most of their time – were treated to a more interesting sight last Thursday: A black and white photo of a whacking great diamond ring. ” and a twee animation of tech mogul Evan Spiegel on bended knee. He declined to add if Spiegel was disappointed Kerr had not announced their engagement, which already has 447,000 “likes”, as a Snapchat “story”.

A spokesman for Spiegel, founder of the Snapchat mobile app, who is 26 to Kerr’s 33 and worth £1.6billion to her £32.4million, said they “are very happy”.

' It’s awesome though, I love it." star Sarah Paulsen was pretty in a sheer pale Rochas dress.

Of her stylist Petra Flannery, she raved: “She’s the greatest. At first she was putting me in slinky things, and I told her that I like flirty romantic ethereal.

But half of the board members and half of the CEOs can be women in the next movie somebody makes; it can be absolutely half," she said."Our slogan is, 'If they see it, they can be it.' So if we show fictional characters doing cool stuff, then girls will want to be it in real life," Davis added.

"The whole point of why I'm doing this is to show all kids, boys and girls, that women take up half the space and do half of the interesting things in the world and have half of the dreams and ambitions."You can read the full interview here.

At first, the marriage seems an unlikely combination.

He founded Snapchat while still at highly regarded Stanford University, becoming one of the world’s youngest self-made billionaires by 22.

Now that’s all she brings me and I’m like, can’t I get something slinky once in a while?

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