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ECON 219W: Economics of Class, Race, and Sex -- Class #47251 This course is concerned with theoretical and historical explanations of stratification by class, race, sex and ethnicity.

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Women's Studies 210: Women & Hollywood Class #45620 Davis-Kram Women's Studies 390.3W: Tutorial Class #45624 Warren Permission of the director of Women's Studies and the director of Interdisciplinary and Special Studies.

Students undertake and complete an individual research project under the supervision of a member of the women's studies faculty.

CMLIT 229W: Women in Modern Literature -- Class #48583 Prereq.: Sophomore standing.

The representation of women in literary texts by female and male writers, with attention to the relationship between women’s social and cultural status and their image in literature.

Spring 2018 Course Registration will take place online through Colorado State University’s student portal, RAMweb.

Course registration is scheduled to open on Tuesday, October 10th at AM Mountain Daylight Time.Global Studies is designed to help students deepen their understanding of specific features of contemporary life and culture.This common course is also designed to take maximum advantage of the opportunity for students to think critically about their own societies and global change.Thoroughly review of these important documents to maximize your chances of getting your first-choice classes: SPRING 2018 COURSE REGISTRATION PACKET SPRING 2018 COURSE REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS SPRING 2018 COURSE REGISTRATION FAQs SPRING 2018 COURSE REGISTRATION CHECKLIST SPRING 2018 ACADEMIC CALENDAR The core course for the voyage, Global Studies, is required of all students and provides an integrated, interdisciplinary introduction to each of the countries visited on a given itinerary.The course examines the traditional and changing systems and values of a country and its cultures, while providing the fundamental knowledge necessary to prepare students for field studies in the host country.ENGL 326: Women Writers -- Class #41033 The study of women's tradition, through the close reading of a selections of writings by women, primarily in English and American literature.

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