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The artwork is rudimentary, but a study author, Dirk Hoffmann of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, said it’s symbolic.

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This undated image provided by João Zilhão in February 2018 shows perforated shells found in sediments in the Cueva de los Aviones near Cartagena, Spain.

Previous studies had estimated an age of 45,000 to 50,000 years old, too young to rule out a link to H. For the new work, researchers analyzed rock that had formed above where the shells had been found.

Results indicated the shells were around 115,000 years old.

Another is a stenciled outline of a hand, made by spewing pigment over a hand held against the wall, Hoffmann said.

Making the hand stencil involves so many steps, including preparation of the pigment, that it’s clearly a deliberate creation, he and other authors wrote in the paper.

Now, he said in an email, Neanderthal “ownership of some cave art is a fact.” The second study provided evidence that Neanderthals used pigments and piercings to modify shells some 115,000 years ago, which is far earlier than similar artifacts are associated with H. That shows Neanderthals “were quite capable of inventing the ornaments themselves,” said Paola Villa of the University of Colorado Museum in Boulder, who also didn’t participate in the new work.

Neanderthals lived in Europe and Asia before disappearing about 40,000 years ago, around the time H. The research, released Thursday by the journals Science and Science Advances , focused on determining the ages of previously known artifacts.

The key finding: New age estimates that show paintings on cave walls and decorated seashells in Spain were created long before our species entered Europe.

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