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He risks bodily harm just to be normal and all he desires is for a girlfriend who can look past his blindness.

Perkins)By Christopher Disher With a release limited to only 74 theaters and a domestic gross of just $90,560, it's easy to say very few people have seen, or heard of, Blind Dating.

It managed to gross over half a million overseas and with DVD sales added to television distribution, odds are its viewership will grow to a still insignificant number.

It's a nice option and many will be thankful for its offering.

No commentary exists but a generous selection of deleted scenes ( in total) may be enough to compensate.

It starts off with promise and quickly becomes predictable as common situations and characters are introduced to us with no surprises, turns, or unexpected complications to make it engaging.

Chris Pine succeeds at making his character convincing but the other performances are unable to overcome the shortfalls in the written dialogue.

Thanks to the easily navigable menus, the twelve cut sequences are easy to browse.

The only other noteworthy bonus is a 5-minute behind the scenes video, which mainly consists of cuts from the film spliced in with poorly-shot cast/crew interviews.

The true value of this film is in Dannys character.

Anyone who can sympathize with his situation will surely find this film enjoyable and even uplifting.

One bonus feature is a nice treat for the visually impaired: a separate audio track where actions are described by a narrator.

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