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Chaucers Canterburysänger på svenska: sjunde samlingen (Helsinki [Helsingfors]: Söderström, 1936).

[Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales in Swedish: Seventh Edition] Jernström, Harald, trans.

► Biological process effect on ARB and ARG transfer should be further investigated.

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La Cita y Otros Cuentos de Mujeres Infideles (Buenos Aires: Alfaguara, 2000). [Thirteen musical pieces set to medieval writings reflecting all walks of life. [Loose prose retelling with silhouette drawings; for young adult readers] Belgium/Flemish Bey, Lük [born Luk De Ryck]. [Le prologue général, Le conte du chevalier, Le conte du meunier, Le conte du prêtre des nonnes] Crépin, André, ed. ed., Patrimonie littéraire européen (Brussels: De Boeck, 1995), 546-58. Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales: The Nun’s Priest’s Tale. Coles Notes (London and Toronto: Coles, 1966, 1968). [Hip-hop adaptation of General Prologue, Knight’s Tale, Miller’s Prologue and Tale, “Rhyme Renaissance” (Thopas), Pardoner’s Prologue and Tale, Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale, Retraction. Contents: El cuento del molinero; Cuento del mayordomo carpintero] Rojo [or Rojo B.], Rodolfo, trans.

[Anthology of short fiction from medieval and modern sources, including WBPT (pp. CD audiorecording; also available via MP3 download] Belgium/Dutch Altena, Ernst van, trans. “Geoffrey Chaucer.” In Première mutations: De Pétrarque à Chaucer, 1304-1500. [Introduction, short biography of Chaucer, and extracts in French translation: Anelida and Arcite (trans. [Middle English with facing-page translation into verse couplets] ?? For purchase online.] Brinkman, Baba [born Dirk Murray Brinkman], lyrics. Poemas y Poetas Clásicos Ingleses: De Geoffrey Chaucer a Dylan Thomas [Antología Bilingüe Anotada] (Santiago: Editorial Cuarto Proprio, 2005) [1st Edition. 16-21); pages from 1956 edition] Kochav, Joshua [כוכב, יהושע], trans.

► Resistance integrons may be used to characterize ARG transfer.

► High trough technologies are a useful complementation of PCR technologies.

[Sound recording on 3 CDs; recording of erotic tales including Mil T] Croatia/Croatian (Serbo-Croatian) [incl. )] Boisen, Mogens, trans., Ludmilla Balfour, illus., Christian Berhardsen, afterword. Några Canterburysägner (Helsinki [Helsingfors]: Söderström, 1934). [Selected Canterbury Tales] Jernström, Harald, trans. Chaucers Canterburysänger på svenska: sjätte samlingen (Helsinki [Helsingfors]: Söderström, 1935).

[الديك شانتيكلير والثعلب] (Cairo [al-Qāhirah]: Maktabit al-Nahḍah al-Miṣriyyah, 1961). Translation of Barbara Cooney’s English children’s book. [Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales in Swedish: Sixth Edition] Jernström, Harald, trans.

Kantebolei gushi ji: Jian xie ben [坎特伯雷故事集 : 简写本] (Shanghai: Shanghai Translation Publishing House [上海译文出版社] and Hong Kong: Longman Publishing Asia Company [朗文出版亚洲有限公司], 1997). Translation of English children’s book by Michael West] Colombia/Spanish Bravo Márquez, Alejandro, adapt. “Translating Chaucer’s Power Play into Modern English and Finnish.” In Alaric Hall, Olga Timofeeva, Ágnes Kiricsi, and Bethany Fox, eds., Interfaces between Language and Culture in Medieval England: A Festschrift for Matti Kilpiö. [Bilingual edition based on Riverside Chaucer; includes CT, Rom, BD, HF, Anel, PF, Bo, TC, LGW, short poems, Astr, Equat, and French poems attributed to Chaucer. [Middle English and German prose, with introduction and commentary] Kemmler, Fritz, and Jörg O. Die Canterbury-Erzählungen: mittelenglisch und deutsch, 3.

Historias de Cornudos: Relatos y Cuentos Eróticos Recogidos y Adaptados de la Literatura Universal. The Northern World, 48 (Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2010), pp. [Comparison of translations of Chaucerian fabliaux (Mil T, Mer T, Sh T), three modern English and one modern Finnish] Finland/Swedish Jernström, Harald, trans. Translators include André Crépin, Jean-Jacques Blanchot, Florence Bourgne, Guy Bourquin, Derek S.

(Oxoniae [Oxford]: Excudebat Iohannes Lichfield, 1635). [Reprinted by Helmut Wolf, Sir Francis Kynastons Übersetzung von Chaucers Troilus and Criseyde: Interpretation, Edition und Kommentar.

[Reflections on challenges of translating Chaucer into Italian] Chiarini, Cino, and Cesare Foligno, trans. [Japanese prose translation based on the Riverside, with notes] SEYA Yuko, trans. [Translation of BD, with introduction and notes by Haruo Harada, and six essays by various scholars; in Japanese] YOSHIDA Shingo [吉田 新吾], trans.

In particular, it is important to: (i) improve risk assessment studies in order to allow accurate estimates about the maximal abundance of ARB in UWTPs effluents that would not pose risks for human and environmental health; (ii) understand the factors and mechanisms that drive antibiotic resistance maintenance and selection in wastewater habitats.

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