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Along with the privileges that a Christian dating website offers, we also took a look at the different membership offers and what they include.

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The best ones give dating advice specifically for online Christian dating which can really help out with anyone new to online dating or new to the Christian faith.

The areas for prayer requests has been a big hit with Christian dating websites since prayer is such a huge part of the Christian faith.

They have made it their main goal to match each member up with a compatible faith-based relationship so that they can help grow their relationship with God and with their new partner.

Some other great features that a Christian dating website should offer are things such as in-depth online dating tips, areas to put in your prayer requests and also even a worship area.

These sites have also done that in order to make sure that a person's faith comes first when being matched up with compatible singles.

A Christian dating website should be focused around Christianity and if it isn't then they won't be on this particular list.We wanted to make sure that our reader finds a dating website that fits the exact needs that they are looking for.Another dating website characteristic that we looked at was the privileges of each member and the different options that they received when becoming a member.As we went about making up this list for the best Christian dating website, we had to really think about what standards and qualities we wanted to see from each site.Below we go through some of the main characteristics that we were looking for from every website that we reviewed and why these sites actually lived up to the qualities that we were looking for from a Christian dating website.This is where we looked at the options and pricing involved with each Christian dating site and made sure they were doing this.

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