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But abandon any idea of swimming here - the undertow is far too powerful and dangerous.

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The geologists went seriously to work on Sumatra after this crisis, and have now demonstrated a 7,000 year series of previous mega-events generating tsunamis, occurring irregularly but on an average once in 450 years.

Nobody has done this kind of sophisticated geoscience elsewhere in Indonesia, and less still in the Nicobars—the other centre of the 2004 quake—where an over-sensitive Indian government has continued to exclude foreign aid workers and researchers.

Beyond Long Beach is the trail to Comfortless Cove, and I'm assured that I can't get lost in this wasteland.

Now the guys giving the assurances clearly don't know me.

I take a right track as instructed and cross lava fields, scrub and jagged volcanic boulders.

The dramatic triple humps of Green Mountain soar up on the right, flanked by another lofty cone.But among the constant eruptions of Indonesia’s many volcanoes (66 currently being monitored, with 50–60 more considered “active”), huge ones will come.They will be enormously destructive to Indonesia, will impact the world’s climate, and will challenge Australia’s capacity to manage without air traffic while assisting millions of displaced Indonesians to survive and recover.Over the centuries since, this remote but strategic rock has served as terminal isolation cell for an 18th century gay Dutch soldier, English garrison against Napoleon's attempts to escape from exile, supply depot for passing ships, burial ground for mariners felled by disease at sea, U. Between December and June, after spending weeks mating off shore, the females dig deep nests in the sand where they lay up to six clutches of 120 eggs each, then swim off again, leaving the hatchlings to fend for themselves against land and sea predators as they seek to follow on the great trek westwards. The first impression on approaching Georgetown, Ascension's tiny capital, from the sea is one of utter starkness, a huge reddish cinder cone called Cross Hill rising behind, a scattering of shrubs and low trees by its foot - but mainly black lava fields, jagged mounds of pumice, and lava boulders. K.-Falklands flights, which allow 10 civilians on each plane, or by the last of the Royal Mail Ships to still ply a regular route, the RMS St. Arguably the first permanent human resident on the island was former Dutch East India Company soldier Leendert Hasenbosch, cast away here on May 5, 1725, after being convicted of sodomy aboard the company ship on which he served as bookkeeper. servicemen working on the air base and hundreds of contract workers and personnel in related services - some 900 in all - who leave the island at the end of their services.On this day in late November the females are still not coming ashore.

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