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Instead of being on a date, you feel like an investigator trying to discern if he has what you're seeking.A man experiences divorce differently than a woman, so it's important to know how to navigate seeing a guy who has gone through it. I was a wreck," admits Darryl Dixon*, now in his forties. I almost had to leave because I started to have a panic attack. She wanted more than I was prepared to give." The date was the wake-up call that pushed Dixon into counseling.

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Atlanta restaurant owner Le Mare Harris spoke to his mother and then to his pastor after the dissolution of his union. "As we got closer, I didn't want to hurt her, because I was still hurting.

"About a year after my divorce, I met a woman who invited me to go skating. That's when I went on a soul-searching journey that included reading, fasting and prayer." During this time they stayed in contact.

The new guy is funny and engaging except when it comes to talking about his ex-wife.

He says he got divorced a year ago, yet you aren't sure he has recovered.

That means a Black man is still possibly healing from what may not have been his choice.

"Infidelity on the part of the male is the main cause of divorce in the cases that I have taken on.We started dating four years ago, when my kids were older." It can be harder for men to get over a breakup emotionally because they don't have the same support systems.They often talk to friends, but don't express what they're feeling in a way that allows vulnerability."I've been in a committed relationship for four years," he says. I'm more sensitive and attentive to my new lady's needs. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, especially hers." "I've found that divorced Black men tend to suffer depression for years, whereas women move on at a faster pace." —LEON DICKERSON, PH. "Previously married men who are in their forties are more likely to remarry than never-married men in their forties," says Philip N.Cohen, an associate professor at the University of Maryland, College Park.The perks of dating the former can include that they are not afraid to commit, have on-the-job-training, and understand that marriage is not a fairy tale and requires effort. Men are used to dating women with kids, but not vice versa," he says. A woman wants to feel as if she's number one and she couldn't feel that way with me.

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