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The Lord accepted his petition and at the end of forty more days on the mount told him to descend the mount and to return the very next day with two blank stone tablets and a box to protect them (Ex. On the eighth day after the high priest Aaron had donned his garments, the tabernacle was raised on the first day (1 Nisan) of the next year (Ex. Late in the following summer, when they approached the land of their inheritance, 12 men were sent to spy out the land.

After forty days they returned, with ten of them concluding that even God could not overcome the opposing forces.

Events that year included smiting the rock to bring forth water when Moses forgot to give the Lord credit (Num. 1:3), and the translation of Moses at age 120 (Deut. The forty years expired almost immediately after the one-month mourning for Moses (Deut. Joshua then led the children of Israel into the promised land. The traditional methods of dating have left an uncertainty of about three centuries, from 1500 - 1200 BC. It is because researchers assign very different confidence levels to different sources.

It was done miraculously when he parted the Jordan River waters and they passed over into Canaan on the day 10 Nisan, being the first month of the 41st year of the Exodus (Josh. On that same day, all the men were circumcised (Josh. Then they kept the Passover and on the following morning the manna ceased (Josh. Before proceeding to my proposed dating method, let us briefly review the traditional methods.

On the mountain, God gave Moses many laws, including detailed instructions on how to build a tabernacle and to perform priestly ordinances. When Moses descended down the mountain and saw that the people had so quickly broken their covenant by worshipping an idol of gold, he broke the tablets, destroyed the calf, and had all those who would stand with the Lord slay some three thousand of those who would not.

At the end of forty days, God presented Moses with two stone tablets with the Ten Commandments engraved on them by his own hand (Ex. Then he had the people reconsecrate themselves to the Lord. ) Moses ascended the mount again to plead for forgiveness for his people. This Moses did, and the Lord again wrote the Ten Commandments on the tablets (Deut. Moses stayed on the mount another forty days (Deut. When he descended, his face glowed so brightly that it was covered as a courtesy to onlookers (Ex. The next five months were spent building the tabernacle as instructed.

When Abraham became concerned that he still had no children, the Lord explained that this would all take time.

Abraham was told his descendants would spend 400 years in servitude in another country, and that only then, when the iniquity of the local Canaanites was full, would his descendants return in the fourth generation to possess the land (Gen. When Abraham's grandson Jacob, who was renamed Israel, was 130 years old, he took his 70 descendants to Egypt to survive a famine.Thus, even the century in which it occurred has been uncertain.This article continues the chronology begun in the last three of this series, employing sacred calendars to pinpoint the date of the Exodus to the very day.In response, the Lord then decreed that the host were condemned to spend forty years in the wilderness, one year for each day of their trip, until everyone except the two who brought a good report had died off (Num. Very little is recorded about the next 38 years (Deut.), but then the record goes into detail about the entire 40th and last year in the wilderness. 22-24), the writing of the Book of Deuteronomy (Deut.They included his son Levi, and Levi's son Kohath (Gen. At first they lived in peace, but later the Israelites found themselves in bondage.

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