Camp victory iraq dating

Meanwhile, violence continued in Baghdad, with Iraqi police saying six people were killed and 18 wounded when a bomb hidden under a parked car exploded in Sadr City.The bomb was apparently aimed at an American convoy, but missed its target — killing all civilians and setting shops in the area on fire, police said.

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Camp victory iraq dating

In eastern Baghdad, a roadside bomb killed one person and injured two others, police also said.

And near Samarra, 60 miles north of the Iraqi capital, authorities said about 60 gunmen attacked a police station and ignited clashes with residents and police — leaving four assailants dead and two policemen wounded.

Fighting in the older western half of Mosul is especially difficult, however, as its narrower streets make it nearly impossible to use armored vehicles and terrorists have been using small drones and suicide attacks to stop the Counter Terrorism Services (CTS) from advancing. The drones are particularly annoying today," said al-Aridhi.

Under IS occupation, Iraq's second city has been subjected to a number of war crimes such as forced sex trafficking, ethnic cleansing of Christians, and the destruction of ancient heritage sites such as the tomb of the Old Testament prophet Jonah.

Stockholm attacker Rakhmat Akilov has pleaded guilty to carrying out last April's truck attack.

Akilov said he wanted to pressure Sweden into ending its support for the fight against "Islamic State." The Iraqi military has launched a "search and clear" operation targeting "Islamic State" pockets near the Iranian border.

and we're attacking Al-Maamun neighborhood," he said.

IS on the run The multipronged assault on the strategic targets began earlier this week, backed by US airstrikes and coalition soldiers.

() The Iraqi army has launched military operations to retake western Mosul from the so-called "Islamic State." Iraqi troops began a huge offensive in October to retake the city from the militants.

() A German schoolgirl who ran away to join the "Islamic State" terror group has been handed a six-year jail sentence in Iraq, according to media reports. was arrested by Iraqi troops during the battle for Mosul.

Camp Victory, a huge area located near Baghdad International Airport, has occasionally come under fire, but attacks with such a large number of casualties and with such sophisticated weapons are rare.

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