Who is viggo mortensen dating 2016

I’ve been to many places in the world that I would not otherwise have seen. So I was making up for lost time, trying to be familiar with the weapons and the clothing.When we shot The Lord of the Rings, we had special permission to film in wild areas of New Zealand that could be accessed only by helicopter. But I happen to like fishing and camping anyway, and being outdoors.

We’ve only just started talking, but suddenly Viggo Mortensen leaps up from the sofa and dashes out into the lobby of his London hotel, wearing nothing on his feet but multicoloured striped socks.

I’ve told him that his latest film, Everybody Has a Plan, is bleakly beautiful, and since he has just been talking to its first-time director, Ana Piterbarg, he rushes out to find her so that he can introduce us.

When Mortensen isn’t filming, he paints, takes photographs, writes poetry and makes music, mainly in collaboration with the former Guns’n’Roses guitarist Buckethead.

Much of this comes out into the world via Perceval Press, the independent publishing imprint Mortensen founded in 1999.

When his face was airbrushed on the US poster for his 2005 film A History of Violence, he asked for it to be remade. 'If I was playing a fashion designer, I would make a full study of it.

But if I’m not doing that, to be honest, I have no desire to be part of that whole circuit. The first time I really had to do that sort of thing was Lord of the Rings.Sadly she has already left, but this simple act tells you quite a lot about Mortensen, who shot to global fame via the Lord of the Rings films in 2001. He doesn’t think the interview should be all about him.And he has padded down from his room without bothering to put his shoes on. He arrived a few hours earlier from Athens, where he’s shooting an adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s taut thriller The Two Faces of January. It’s another first-time director, Hossein Amini, who’s very well-known for his screenwriting.And the first time I heard someone from Spain, I thought they had a speech impediment!’ As well as English and Spanish he is fluent in Danish, says he can get by in French and understands several other languages.A week later, a crate arrives from Los Angeles, filled with books and CDs.

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